How to Design your Inflatable Spas for Luxurious use

How to Design your Inflatable Spas for Luxurious use

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If nothing at all, inflatable spas can give you such a convenient and relaxed feeling that may be missing otherwise. After a long and stressful day, you may need to take a dip or a long soak in a hot tub to loosen up tense muscles. Just a few hours in the hot tub, and your body begins to get free from the stress of the day. You may have seen the conventional Jacuzzi made of a ceramic or hard shell and has some aesthetic restrictions. But we are talking of inflatable spas that you can build and collapse at will.

How to Design your Inflatable Spas for Luxurious use

These inflatable spas also referred to as blow-up spas, remind you of some of the inflatable objects you had as a kid. What if you can upgrade it into the status of what is befitting to adult needs. Instead of having a kids pool party, why not a complete adult party for absolute pleasure? How do you turn your inflatable spas into a luxurious tool for comfort and good health? This article discusses some features that you can add to the experience. 

Set a good position for your inflatable spa

The first step in setting up inflatable spas at home is to survey the part of the house where you will have it. For instance, will it be in your backyard, in the garden, or on the field? Check out objects that may cause an obstruction in your backyard. Do you want it close to the railings, walls, trees, or similar structures that may otherwise cause destruction? Their presence may also add more beautify to the environment when you eventually pump up the spa too. 

Depending on your perception of the landscape and how long you want the spa to remain in place, you may want to carefully pick out the position. Also, factor in the work of your external power source and provide that it is separate from the water source to prevent shock. Ask, in what season will you have your inflatable spa set up, and where will you keep it when not in use? And when it is in storage, carefully consider where to save it due to the surrounding design. click here to know more updates about Havana Spas.

Put colorful Buntings on the surrounding walls

Creating an atmosphere that feels like a paradise out of your surroundings, you may want to decorate the walls. You can choose many wall designs, but perhaps one of the cheapest options is to hang fascinating buntings. It may also comprise ornaments and other decorative symbols and objects. You can get some of these items from local stores or party sections of any significant event. Alternatively, you may decide to create your own designs. 

However, buntings can be made of different materials, ranging from plastic, paper cards and other items. So, you should avoid material that can easily get spoiled from wetness, such as paper and cardboard. Expectedly, the area of the inflatable spas may be wet and moist. You may also want to hang the buntings close to the string of lights you already have to promote a more aesthetic appeal. Enjoy both the ambiance and beauty that the decorations add.

Bring in Potted plants and flowers

Even though inflatable spas are specifically designed for outdoor use, there is no crime in adding to the surrounding greenness. Therefore, you may want to bring in some potted plants to add to the surrounding beauty. Whether you choose short plants, tall ones, or average height, each type has its own purpose. Meanwhile, green plants’ presence saturates the oxygen concentration in the environment more, cooling things down a bit more. 

Apart from tree plants, you can also arrange for flowers with a great smell and elegance to the surrounding. If you have a long time plan, you can deliberately cultivate some white flowers to add to the surrounding color. Some recommended choice flowers include white carnations, African lilies, and Gardenia around the inflatable spa. When you culture these plants, place them in beautiful clean vases and position them around the area of the hot bathtub.

Erect a Canopy above your Inflatable Spa

Having a garden tent above your inflatable spa is a great way to condition the surrounding area of the tub. Usually, a garden tent looks like a canopy or parasol and protects your spa against the possibility of rain showers. Apart from protection from rain, it can also save you from other elements of nature. At the same time, the canopy allows you to add more decorations to the surrounding.

If you want to make it look sweeter, use a covered canopy with an enclosure that helps to maintain the temperature inside the tent. Ensure that the environment of the inflatable spa can protect you from the unfavorable factors surrounding you. As much as you can, make the environment as enjoyable as possible. Of all places, Australia has a fantastic array of parasols. At the same time, you can explore the many choices of department stores for designer items to help. 

Add decorative lights and lanterns

Another addition to make to your installation array of inflatable spas is decorative light around the surrounding. Poles, walls, hangers, tents, and other parts can bear the morning, depending on the type. One benefit that lights add to this feature is creating a romantic ambiance and setting an excellent mood for relaxation and fun. At the same time, you can create different options and patterns of light. 

For instance, colorful lights may come blinking to add diverse luxurious appeal. Under ideal conditions, stick to the steady white lights that create an exciting background. The combination of lights enhances the chances to shine brighter and create a classic environment. Moreover, you can add decorative lanterns or strings of lights. They can also come in different colors and artistic designs to create the environment that you add. 

How to Design your Inflatable Spas for Luxurious use


The water condition in inflatable spas is not the only item you need to have a complete feel of comfort and recovery. More so, the technology that created these spas already factors different exterior environments and conditions of use. So, if you like to set up an inflatable spa in your backyard, think of some of the other features you can add to further enhance the fun. Many of the other additional accessories make your time in the spa more worthwhile and enjoyable.